Monday, February 7, 2011

Regular Bible vs. eReader Bible

Top view of my bible, laying on it's back.
It is day 36 of 90 and I am very pleased at where my bookmark is in my Bible.  Technically, I just put a bookmark in my Bible where I'm supposed to be at so I could see it, because I'm doing this reading on my eReader version of the Bible.  But the view is wonderful.

I am reading in Nehemiah today and heading into Job as well.  It's been wonderful reading in the Old Testament and learning things that I've just nodded my head and agreed to when people were talking before.  I was able to have a relevant conversation with my husband last night and our questions challenged each other.  Even more special than that, I was able to directly look up the verses I wanted to use because I had read them and knew where they were at.  WOW!

A bonus of reading in my eReader is that I am able to insert a bookmark at each stopping point.  If I ever want to go back and read the Bible in 90 days again, I'll be able to just read to my next bookmark.  To leave 90 bookmarks in a paper Bible would be a little ridiculous, at least for me.  I keep 4 in my regular Bible as it is, and to me, those are too many.  My eReader is light, easily transportable for reading on the go, has a print size I can adjust and is a pretty pink color too. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my Bible.  It's also pink and it is an ESV Study Bible.  It has these great columns on the sides of each page so I can take notes in it.  (I'm all for taking notes in my Bible to read later.)  But for this reading plan, the bulky Bible wasn't working for me.  In this fast-paced reading outline, I'm not reading to study, I'm reading to read.  It sounds almost blasphemous to read the Bible and not study it, but even with the amount that I am reading through, I am still learning. 

What is your preference in reading the Bible?  Have you tried reading it on your eReader?  Do you prefer one translation to another?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. We started this a few weeks ago with our women's Bible study group and I planned on using the hardcover 90 days Bible but I found I prefer the ereader version (which is what I used last time when I participated with Mom's Toolbox). I have been switching between the NIV and the Message (the latter when I find myself too familiar with a passage and need a fresh eye on it). The ereader is easier because it is always with me and I can read a bit whenever I have a chance!

    Hope your experience is as eye opening as mine was last time!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lori! I am glad you participated in the B90Days before and that you are doing it with your women's Bible study group. I think it would be wonderful to take this program to my church.

    Thanks for your input on which Bible you use. I do tend to stick to my ESV, but I have NIV, NKJV and Message Bibles hanging around and I will go and compare when I feel led to go over a verse. Good to hear I'm not the only one!