Friday, November 20, 2009

I HeartTwilight

Yes, you read it right, I Heart Twilight. I'm one of those people who have read all 4 books about 20 times. I've listened to them all on CD as well. I own the soundtrack to Twilight the movie and New Moon the movie. I've watched Twilight so many times I have lost count and I was a brave soul and attended the midnight premiere of New Moon last night. Confession is good for the soul, right? :)

I'm not alone! In fact, many ladies in my church all Heart Twilight. So much so, we're having an "I Still Heart Twilight" party tonight. We're going to play the Scene-It Twilight game and the Twilight board game (which I own) and eat Twilight themed snacks. What is a Twilight themed snack? I'm glad you asked! If you're on Team Edward you are supposed to bring something cold. If you're on Team Jacob you are supposed to bring something hot. If you're on Team Switzerland, you can pick what you will. I'm not quite sure what the "hecklers" are bringing, but I'm sure it will be fun finding out. Yes, we have hecklers coming tonight. We don't want to be exclusive and want to have fun with all the ladies at church. So some gals are coming to make fun of us Twilight fans.

Oh, if
you don't know what Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland is... ask a teenager. Any teenager!

I'm very much so on Team Edward's side. So tonight I had some fun creating my Vampire snacks. I made Vampire cookies that bleed when you bite into them and have fang marks.
I also made a bloody cake! It even is supposed to ooze blood when you cut it open!
Don't worry, all of the blood you see is just raspberry jam. But it sure does the trick! I can't wait to show off my snacks tonight. And try to win the games as well!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Military Life

In December, my husband will be leaving for one year. He'll start off by heading to Indiana for a month of training before he goes to Afghanistan. He'll spend about 10 months over there and will finish with one more month back in Indiana.

Being a military wife, I know the possibility of my husband being deployed is always there. It's hard knowing that he's about to leave for a full year. Our son was upset that Daddy will miss his birthday in December. I told him I'm upset too. Our 10th anniversary is in March.

All I can do is support my husband. I will pray for him. I will make videos of the kids and I. We will make him care packages to send to him monthly.

I am also blessed by a wonderful church family who has already offered to help before and during his deployment. Someone offered today to watch the kids overnight so my husband and I can have a full evening together before he leaves. Yes, I cried when I heard that offer.

I know that no matter what, my husband, my kids and I have been, and will be, blanketed in prayer during this deployment. I know that God is in control of our lives and I will put my trust in him. Please continue to pray for us.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cooking Day Recap

Once again my freezer is full of yummy food! I'm so glad too because I'm feeling a bit run down and definitely am not doing much of anything today. I successfully cooked all 30 meals, doubled each one, and delivered the extra 30 to my aunt. It was nice to be paid to cook, and I hope to put that money toward a new freezer so I can freeze the meals before I deliver them. That was the only downside, one of the meals wasn't so happy in my cooler and kind of leaked on the others. It was one from an aluminum foil wrapped pan, not one of the Ziploc bags. Had they all been frozen first, the leakage wouldn't have occurred.

In other news, this afternoon the boys are heading out of town for the weekend. Seth is taking our son camping with the Cub Scouts. It's his first camping trip and he's really excited! I'm glad the two of them are going to get some guy time in. The little lady and I will be hanging out and going to ballet tomorrow morning. After ballet, a youth from our church will be coming over and we'll be baking cookies together to take to our church Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening. Sunday should be a fun day with a joint Sunday school and worship service in the morning, the boys come back after lunch time, then we have AWANA in the evening. Overall, it's going to be a fun weekend, provided I can get over this feeling of yuck!