Thursday, June 14, 2012

Connect: A Christ Centered Video Project

Have you ever wondered how Christ fits into the world today? Not just in Biblical times, but how Christ is relevant in today's society? Connect: A Christ Centered Video Project is doing just that. This video series will teach everyone how to live like Christ. It will share the word of God in a Bible study environment with answers to questions coming from the Bible, the true source of answers. It will teach us how as Christians we are to act today, how we are to live out our lives as a new creation in Christ, how we are to love our enemies, use our spiritual gifts, and utilize the armor of God.

I say the video series "will teach" because this is a project that God has called Sam Berrier, Jr. to start. This project is in the fundraiser stage and I am asking for your help. I believe in this project and I believe in the author behind these videos. Sam Berrier, Jr. happens to be my younger brother. As his older sister I've been blessed to watch him follow Christ and grow in his walk with the Lord.

I'm anxious to see the final project, but the project won't be happening without your help.  Will you consider donating to this video series? Please visit the two links that I embedded. The first was to the official website, the second is to the donation page. Both pages have more information about the vision of the video series. Thank you for taking the time to visit these pages. Please pray for this project as God's word reaches those who need to hear it.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Thorn In My Side

I'm blogging over at Today's Housewife today.  Come read about how God answers 
prayers in His time, and how He uses those who are imperfect.