Friday, March 2, 2012

Reading Your Bible

I'm blogging over at Today's Housewife about Bible reading plans.  Do you have one that works for you?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Month in Pictures

When I last posted, it was cooking day on February 9th.  It's been a rather busy month since then.

We had a small snow fall resulting in a few inches.  Jenna was able to clean the snow off her car for the first time then drive in it.

The birds are coming back.  They are sitting on my wreath in the mornings and teasing my cats.

The little miss has had the stomach bug twice this month.  Poor sickie chickie.


#2 received a special award at cub scouts titled God and Family.  Pastor Lee Peoples, our pastor, came to cub scouts, on Valentines day, and presented him with the award.

That same night #2 also received his Arrow of Light award and crossed over to Boy Scouts.  He's no longer a little cub scout, he's growing into quite the young man.

We went out later in the month and tried out a new restaurant in the area called Cheddar's.  We absolutely loved it.  Huge portions at a great price.  We will definitely be going back there.

Overall it's been a pretty fun month, with one exception.  Last week my mom and step-dad moved back to California.  It was very sudden, the job offer and move all happening in under two weeks.  I'm very sad to see them go, but I am very glad that such a great job opportunity has opened up for my dad.  Now they just need to get settled so we can start planning our next trip to California.