Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Wrap-Up

It's time for my first monthly wrap-up.  In January, my goals were:
  • Stay on track in my Bible reading
  • Rest and recover from surgery
  • Organize my closet and weed out clothes I don't need
  • Quit smoking
So how did I do?
  • I am right on track in my reading.   I'm using the Bible in 90 Days plan and I've read from Genesis to 2 Chronicles 7:10.  It's quite a bit of reading and I'm glad to be doing this plan.  I've also started reading during meal time with my family and we're doing the New Testament in 100 Days with Stewartstown Baptist Church.  
  • As of tomorrow I will officially be off all restrictions!  I'm going to exercise and get back into my normal world.  I'm very excited that everything has gone so well with this round of surgery. 
  • My closet looks amazing!  My husband has created a walk-in closet out of a room that used to be our bedroom on the 3rd floor of our house.  But we removed the dressers and hung hanging shelves from bars on the wall, so in moving all the clothes around, I was able to weed out a lot of clothes. 
  • Quitting smoking went well.  I had one bad day last week and I went and bought a pack.  It tasted gross.  I finished it off (only because I felt like I had to after spending $6.00 on them) and haven't bought more since. 
Overall I am very pleased with how well I have stuck to my goals.  

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