Monday, June 1, 2009


It's only been since October, but an end is finally in sight. The front room has been painted and we can now buff the floor out before we move back in. The rest of the work to be completed can be accomplished while we are living in the room. We plan to add the bookshelves that will flank the fireplace, tile the fireplace, add a mantle, refinish the front door, add crown molding and base boards. But as I said, all of that can be finished with us moving into the room. Here are some pics of the painting and the finished job. Even kid #2 got in on the fun. The colors we went with are Merlot for the walls, the ceiling is Bermuda Sand, the trimwork and the built-in bookshelves will be Percale and Sweet Annie will be the green that will go into the dining room and kitchen. In these pictures you can only see the Merlot and the Bermuda Sand. The gray is the tinted primer that allowed us to only use 3 coats of red instead of the 6 that it took in our last house.


  1. Wow, it's looking great!

    What will you use to buff the floor? I need to do mine!

  2. Seth's uncle, Joe has a buffer that they keep at his work. He offered for us to borrow it. But Home Depot and Lowes have them for $35 a day to rent. So if we can't get the one from Joe's work we're going to rent one. Either way, we're buffing the floor on Saturday so we can move back in on Sunday.