Friday, June 5, 2009

5 Favorite Wedding Gifts

Today's Housewife has been talking all week about their favorite wedding gifts. I've been thinking this week about what my favorite gifts from my shower and wedding are and I can safely say these are 5 things that I received 9+ years ago and am still using.

1. My crock pot. I received my crock pot from my bridesmaid Amanda. She gave it to me for my bridal shower. This thing is a beast! It holds so much food it is ridiculous! I've broken and glued and re-glued the handles on, but it still keeps kicking. I love it!

2. A crystal bowl. Not just any crystal bowl, this is a punch bowl size crystal bowl. (Not a punch bowl because it has no glasses.) Being Southern Baptist, we eat a lot of potlucks and I love to make desserts. My favorite (and the favorite of my church for me to make) is Death By Chocolate. It can only be made in a huge bowl and this bowl does the trick.

3. My microwave. My mother-in-law bought us our microwave for our wedding. It still runs like brand new. I've had people come over and use it and tell me it heats faster and hotter than their brand new microwaves.

4. Our dining room table. My grandparents gave us money to put toward a dining room table as their wedding present to us. In fact it was clearly stipulated that we had to put it toward the table and not blow the money on our honeymoon! We found a cherry wood, Queen Anne style table with a leaf and 6 chairs at a resale shop for $150. It was an amazing find and with just a few scratches, 9+ years later it is still in great shape.

5. A whimsical picture frame. My family and friends know how much I love to hang pictures in my home. My wedding photographer showed up to let my mom & I see my wedding pictures at her office and one of my mom's coworkers saw the picture in this frame, took it out of the package, framed it in this frame and gave it to me. I haven't changed it because it is perfect.

There are other gifts that we received for our wedding that we still have and use, like our electric carving knife and a set of 3 canisters we keep in our kitchen. But these 5 are the most important to my hubby and myself. And yes, I did ask him what gifts were most important and still useful to him and he said the microwave and the dining room table.

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