Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Paleo Pancakes - Take One

Did you miss me?  It's been almost two weeks since I've blogged.  Not because I didn't want to, but the resort we were staying at didn't have free WiFi.  Can you believe that?  Yes, I did say resort.  The hubby and I planned a surprise trip to Walt Disney World for our youngest two kids.  It was a welcome home vacation for him.  (The oldest doesn't live with us anymore, and she is working two jobs and going to school, so there was no way she could go with us for 8 days.)

We planned the trip back in April, booked the resort through the Armed Forces Vacation Club, got the 4-day Park Hopper Water Park and More tickets through the Armed Forces Salute package that is offered, and free tickets to Sea World for one day through their Waves of Honor program.  

It was a great vacation!  Despite a little rain in the mornings, most of the afternoons were absolutely beautiful!  And since we went during the last week of September, most people were back in school and the parks were empty.  We waited an average of 5-10 minutes per ride and only a few rides were 30 minutes or more.  Those we usually got a Fast Pass for and came back.  
In the spirit of eating Paleo, we ate our egg scramblers for breakfast each morning and prior to heading to Florida, I froze several meals to cook for dinner in our full kitchen.  I planned on photographing these meals and blogging about them, but as I said above, we didn't have WiFi!  It was $5 a day per device to connect to the internet so we connected my hubby's laptop to check the bank account a couple of days, but other than that we just checked email and facebook on our phones.  Which wasn't fun for me because my phone screen broke on the way down to Florida.  DON'T buy the Grip Go cell phone holder!!!  So no blogging for me.  Honestly, it was nice to be somewhat disconnected for a while.

Now that we are back home, I'm going full force into Paleo.  Not only that, but I have decided to go Whole30 and completely unprocessed for the month of October.  I'm doing this in conjunction with Eating Rules but I am doing this on my terms.  I'm sticking to my hubby's 6 day Paleo - 1 cheat day week.  We've agreed to scale cheat day back even further.  We're going to have our morning Starbucks during Sunday school, and one meal on Sunday will be a cheat meal, but the other two will be Paleo friendly.  All Paleo meals are Whole30, in fact, they are more strict than Whole30.  Day 2 is just about over for me and I'm craving a bit of sugar.  I cut it out completely, even from my hot tea!  Tea certainly tastes different with almond milk and honey, but it's not terrible.  Coffee on the other hand -- that was just gross with almond milk and honey.  I couldn't put sugar in and my creamer's second ingredient was sugar.  I'll have to rethink coffee during the week, or start to drink it black, or just go without this month.  Whatever I choose, I just need to be strong this month and then I can bring things back to see how my body reacts to the foods I reintroduce.  

Now, on to today's Paleo Adventure!  My boy is seriously sick of eggs for breakfast, I kind of am, too.  So I decided to make some pancakes today and I found a recipe that didn't call for coconut flour so I decided to try it.  I adapted this recipe from It's Time To Burn and yes, I still had to adapt it slightly.  The recipe called for coconut milk so I used almond milk instead.  Unfortunately, I forgot that coconut milk is much thicker than almond milk and I should have used less instead of using the exact amount.  I did throw in some arrowroot starch/flour and it did somewhat thicken it up, but not near enough. 

Verdict: These pancakes looked like thin little flapjacks. I doubled the original recipe and it made 16 pancakes which was plenty for all of us.  The almond flour I used is almond flour/meal and so these turned out with a more gritty texture.  It wasn't a heavy texture, I would just prefer to get some good quality almond flour in the future.  But for that, I'll need to order some online as I haven't found any in my local stores yet.  They tasted good, but just a bit gritty for me.  HOWEVER -- my family absolutely loved them!  They said the pancakes tasted like they had nuts in them.  Hubby said they tasted just like his favorite pancakes at IHOP - the Harvest Grain and Nut pancakes.  He ate half of one of mine just to try it, then went back and got two more!  That was quite a compliment to me since my hubby doesn't even like pancakes.  The kids loved them, they went back for more.  All the pancakes were gone after breakfast.  I'm looking forward to trying this recipe again and tweaking it a bit.  Below is the recipe as I made it this morning for the thin pancakes.

Paleo Flapjacks
Makes 16

2 cups Almond flour/meal – I used Bob’s Red Mill
2 Free Range Eggs
1 1/4 cups Almond Milk
¼ cup Arrowroot Starch/Flour

1. Heat skillet over medium heat. 
2. Mix all ingredients in medium bowl.
3. Lightly grease skillet with Ghee Butter or EVOO (I spritzed mine with my Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer filled with EVOO.)
4. Cook pancakes just till each side is golden.
5. Serve with fruit, pure maple syrup, cinnamon, almond butter, or your topping of choice.  Enjoy!

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