Monday, October 14, 2013

Paleo Banana Ice Cream

Want to know the simplest ice cream recipe?  How's one ingredient sound?  

Banana ice cream made in my food processor.  So simple and so good.  No sugar, no milk, just one ingredient, frozen bananas.  I decided to try this recipe out because we bought a bunch of bananas on Saturday at the farmer's market and the nice gal put the bunch of bananas on the top of our reusable shopping bag, which was full of cold meat.  I didn't realize it until more than an hour later and by the time we got home and looked at the bananas, they had gone through a super speedy ripening process.  NEVER bag your bananas with cold stuff.  So I immediately threw them in the freezer to try to salvage them, knowing I had seen this recipe last week.  

Well, I didn't exactly read the recipe last week, just saw that it only took frozen bananas and made them into ice cream.  What I didn't read was the recommendation to peel your bananas and chop into chunks before you freeze them.  Why you ask?  Because if you take them out frozen, you can't peel a frozen banana.  

This is where my hubby comes to the rescue, as he often does!  He really wanted to try this ice cream tonight since I had mentioned it at dinner, so he comes out with a knife and gets to chopping.  He cut the bananas up into chunks and I took another knife and cut the peels off.  He's so good!

I took all the chunks and threw them into my food processor.  This is the third time today I've used it.  I think I'm getting some good use out of this birthday present!  I started to puree the bananas, stopping a few times to scrape it down.  Honestly, for a while there I thought I had screwed something up because nothing was happening.  I kept scraping and kept pureeing.  Scrape and puree.  

Then out of nowhere, BAM!  I had ice cream.  It just took one more scrape and puree to get the bananas down and we had all the ice cream.  It was delicious!  This was an amazingly simple treat. 

Verdict: Aww yeah!  Look at that!  I added some of my homemade granola on top and had myself a little sundae!  I could have added some Dark Chocolate chunks to the mix, cocoa powder, or even strawberries.  There are lots of ideas I could come up with and still keep this Paleo.  Seriously, try this out.

Serves 2

1 ½ -2 bananas

1. Peel banana.
2. Slice into 4ish pieces each.
3. Place on a plate and freeze for 1-2 hours.
4. Place chunks into food processor.
5. Puree for a good while, stopping to scrape down the sides periodically.
6. Be amazed as it suddenly turns into ice cream!
7. Here you would add any toppings of choice to blend into the ice cream.
8. Enjoy!

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