Monday, September 16, 2013

Treat Day

Yesterday was Cheat Day.  It started out as a normal Sunday, we got ready for church, I left with the girl to pick up our two friends and met my hubby and boy at church where he had stopped at Starbucks to get our coffee.  Our plan for cheat day was to go to lunch at Olive Garden and have dinner at Taco Bell, but after church things turned fun.  The boy was asked to go home with a friend from church and we said ok.  On my way to take our two friends home, they asked if the girl could come over for the day as well.  I said sure! Cheat day turned into Treat Day for me and my hubby.  I got home with no kids and he and I went out for a date!

We got to Olive Garden and I ordered something new.  Strike One.  I ordered an appetizer sampler as my meal instead of my favorite mushroom stuffed ravioli.  The appetizers were fried zucchini, fried ravioli, and stuffed mushrooms.  Lots of breaded, fried food, stuffed with cheeses, and there was even clams in the mushrooms (I don't eat clams).  Strike Two.  Then we split a tiramisu for dessert.  Strike Three.  I'm lactose intolerant.  Going all week long with almond milk and no dairy has been wonderful for the little lady and I because our tummy's have felt wonderful!  Add on to the invasion of lactose the amount of fried food I ingested and you've got a full blown war raging in my belly.  

I only ate about half of my meal, and like any good customer, I had it boxed up and I brought it home.  Fast Forward.  I pick up the boy and it's time for dinner.  I decide to be good and I only order myself one Doritos Locos Taco Supreme and order food for hubby and the boy, pick up the girl who ate dinner at her friend's house, then we come home to eat our dinner.  I eat my taco, then finish off my lunch leftovers.  Because in my mind, if I eat them now, I won't cheat on the bad food during the week.  

PAIN!!!  Earlier this year we checked to see if I had a gluten intolerance but the blood test came up negative. It's not a great test, almost everyone comes up negative.  To test for sure, you really need a biopsy.  After eating all that breading again and the taco, I had to undo the belt I had been wearing all day because my stomach expanded that much.  It had been loose that morning.  Seriously, it looked like I was a few months pregnant.  After a horrid night (I'm not sharing the details here) my stomach is finally back to normal.

This morning once I'm finally feeling better I ask my husband about "cheat day."  He said this is how he feels every Monday after cheat day.  I said, "THEN WHY ON EARTH DO YOU DO THIS ONCE A WEEK?"  He said, "I don't know?  Maybe we need to have only one meal on Sunday that is a cheat meal?"  Well, that's a no brainer.  Only two weeks of doing this and I'm done!  

I'm still not totally on board with eating full Paleo all the time.  I'm having a hard time with the almond milk in my hot tea, and giving up potato chips and popcorn.  But I'm not going to lie and say that I'll never eat those again.  I'm just not going to stuff myself on Sundays and be insane anymore.  (No milk for me though, I have to just get used to the almond milk and try different brands to see which one I like more.)  Not realizing how bad I have felt normally, is just plain wild.  But how good I have felt during the rest of the week while I am on Paleo is amazing.  

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