Thursday, September 5, 2013

Egg Scrambler

With grains and milk being out for Paleo eating, cereal is no longer an option for our breakfasts.  Eggs are a good, healthy alternative and can be made in a variety of ways.  The Pampered Chef has a stoneware pan that allows you to quickly microwave eggs for a healthy breakfast.  I'll post links to the pan below and let you know who my consultant is.  First, my breakfast...

I melted just a little tiny bit of butter in each well of the Microwave Egg Cooker.  You can use oil if you'd like, and eventually we will start using Ghee butter, but I have to use up the rest of my regular butter before I can be fully Paleo friendly.  (I just can't justify throwing out money by throwing out food.)  I diced up a slice of tomato, 2 mushroom slices, and 2 pieces of cooked bacon.  I mixed a little bit of almond milk into 2 eggs that I scrambled in a bowl, then added all of the toppings.

I evenly poured the egg mixture into the two wells then microwaved for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  The eggs come out tasting just like an omelet.  The cool thing about this egg cooker is you can do fried eggs, scrambled, poached, or these scramblers.  My hubby likes 3 eggs where I just prefer 2.  The other day I cooked eggs on one side and pancakes on the other.  Yesterday my hubby found a recipe for Paleo pancakes so we'll be trying those out soon.

You can see the eggs come easily and completely out of the Microwave Egg Cooker.  (They are also just about the right size for a breakfast sandwich on toast or a bagel!  But this Paleo person didn't tell you that, the Pampered Chef lover in me did.)  I'm also going to shamelessly plug how I cooked the bacon - I used the Pampered Chef Small Ridged Baker.  4 slices of bacon cooked in just over 5 minutes.  7-9 minutes will cook 6 slices of bacon nice and crispy.  If you don't have a Pampered Chef consultant, may I suggest mine? Eunice Alexander is amazing! You can get her phone number and book a show through her website by clicking on her name.  You can also order directly from her by clicking on the links to the products above. Bonus in September only, all stoneware is 20% off - so go buy these pans!  Ok, enough about Pampered Chef or Eunice is going to come after me to start selling it!  :-)

Verdict:  These eggs do not taste like microwaved rubber eggs.  They taste good.  I've personally had plain scrambled, the scramblers above (with various toppings), and fried, and all were fantastic.  Making breakfast takes a matter of minutes per person and it's easy enough that almost everyone can make their own, I do help the youngest.  To put it in perspective - before switching to Paleo, I would cook eggs in this and be done before my toast was finished cooking.  This breakfast is a fast and easy winner.  It will be a repeat breakfast for everyone.

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