Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday is Cheat Day

Sundays are a little different around here.  It's what my husband calls "cheat day."  You get to eat anything and everything you want.  There are no restrictions other than obviously I can't eat coconut since I'm allergic to it.  The idea behind this is if we know we have one day a week to satisfy our cravings for the non-Paleo stuff, we can hold out for the rest of the week and eat healthy, Paleo meals and snacks.

Our day started with the kids eating cereal for breakfast (with almond milk because that's all we had), the hubby had his normal eggs and bacon - a very happy Paleo breakfast, and I skipped because I don't eat before church due to my medication schedule.  We got our Starbucks fix before church, which is loaded with regular milk and whipped cream, very non-Paleo friendly.

For lunch we had pizza from Papa John's.  Papa John's is one of my husband's favorite pizza places and we finally had one open up close enough to deliver to us right after he left for his deployment to Kuwait.  So this was a real treat to get pizza from them for lunch.  We ended up with 3 pizzas, bacon on one, pepperoni and mushrooms on another, and the third had Roma tomatoes, and two types of sausage.  They were all mediums and we had less than 1 medium left over.  What can I say?  We love pizza.

Dinner was even worse than lunch.  We went out to Chili's.  A friend of mine went there this week and posted a picture of this amazing dessert and it has been on our minds all week.  Hubby had shrimp tacos with flour tortillas, I had the fajitas with steak, shrimp, and chicken -- more flour tortillas, the girl had quesadillas (I sense a theme with the tortillas), and the boy bucked the system and got chicken but it was breaded.  Still we were all bad.  And that was BEFORE dessert.  The kids split the molten lava peanut butter cup thing that they have going that we saw earlier in the week.  I had a bite, it was amazing!  Hubby and I split a skillet chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.  Yum!

Here we are Monday morning.  The girl woke up with a stomach ache, boy woke up grumpy.  I confess I have a bit of a stomach ache as well.  Don't know about my hubby, he had to go to a conference in Philly today so he left by 5:30 and I haven't talked to him.  I can honestly say that eating all that junk made the girl and I feel sick.  But really, eating all that dessert would have made me feel icky anyway.  One week of Paleo isn't a full test, I'll see how I do after this week and see how the upcoming "cheat day" treats us.  Hubby has already said that he wants to go to Olive Garden.  Oh, Olive Garden, how I love your mushroom ravioli and bread sticks!  


  1. After we moved, my stomach felt sick for a week until I got rid of all the eating on the road crap out of my system. I know exactly what that sick feeling is. I am sort of paleo, except I cannot (or am not willing) to give up my dairy. Ha!

  2. Dairy has been hard. It's extremely weird having almond milk in my hot tea, but I'm getting used to it. Not all dairy is bad though, we can have yogurt - or certain kinds because it is fermented. It really has to do with the amount of sugars in the serving and if the milk came from grass-fed cows. If it came from grain-fed (corn) cows that is bad.

  3. I know my hubby definitely feels ill after a "binge" day when he's been concentrating on eating healthier foods. Seems that grease wreaks havoc on both of our systems when we've pulled back from that addiction.

    My daughter cannot eat McDonald's without getting ill - especially the chicken nuggets. We have gotten McDonald's for the kids maybe 3 times in their whole lives, but a few other family members have taken them. My girl can eat nuggets from Wendy's, and the pre-packaged stuff from the grocery store...but just cannot handle whatever that stuff is coating their nuggets, and ends up with a bad stomach ache and diarrhea.

  4. eek! I can honestly say I can't remember the last time we've been to McD's. My kids don't even ask for it anymore, they ask for places like Sonic or Wendy's if we are eating fast food, which isn't often (and prior to the Paleo switch.) But the food yesterday was a shock on our systems, right down to eating candy out of the candy bucket at church.