Friday, April 8, 2011

SIck of Sickness!

Ok, small vent post here.  I am so sick of the sickness going through my house this fall/winter/spring.  Kid #3 has been sick for the last month with cough, chest congestion and leaky nose.  She finally has kicked that earlier this week.  Kid #2 has had the leaky nose on and off all season.  I've had it on and off, had a UTI/kidney infection two weeks ago and now I've got viral lymphadenitis.  I feel like one of us has been on some type of medication non stop since October.  I just want us all to be healthy and happy again!  Please pray for us.

Father, you see our household and our struggle with sickness.  Please place Your healing hand on us.  Help us to continue to see Your blessings despite illness.

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