Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day!

This morning I woke up and went downstairs to the kitchen to make my husband breakfast.  I took one look outside and walked right back upstairs.  I told my husband to look outside and asked him if he was still going to work.  What a lovely April Fool's laugh God gave us this morning. One more morning of beautiful snow.  

Happy April Fool's Day!

I've never been one to celebrate April Fool's Day.  Mainly it's because I'm not quick enough to actually come up with pranks that will fool anyone with a brain.  Thankfully, God made me smarter than my kids!  Well, at least for now He did.  

I decided this was the year that I'd have some fun.  I didn't really plan anything in advance, I just saw some facebook posts from friends and some ideas from blogs and started having fun.  The first thing I did was break out the glue and the pop tarts.

Yes, that  plate is upside down.  The kids came down for breakfast to find their pop tarts glued to their plates.  They found it funny till they realized they couldn't eat them because they were stuck.  Lucky for me them, I had some more pop tarts waiting for them to enjoy.

The rest of the day continued like normal, school, lunch, finished school. Grandma & Grandpa stopped by for a visit and they stayed to watch the Phillies win their opening game.  (I'm now very happy.)  Now, on to dinner...

The kids came to the table to find a special treat.  Ice cream sundae's with caramel sauce!  Too bad for them it was mashed potatoes and gravy.  They were both so very excited, and they dug in first to their special dinner treat!  Before the spoons even got to their mouths they could tell the consistency was off.  tee hee!  After dinner it was time for grilled cheese sandwiches for dessert.  Wait, what?

That's right, we had grilled cheese sandwiches for dessert!  Actually, it was pound cake slices that I toasted with my mini blow torch.  I dyed vanilla frosting with some yellow and a drop of red food coloring to make that cheesy color.  My son, even after learning that it was cake, still thought I put cheese into it because it was just the right color.  Score one for mom!

This was one grilled cheese sandwich that they could enjoy!  Before bedtime they asked for a drink.  Well, being the extra special mom that I am, I made them some lemonade to enjoy. 

What a shame that they couldn't actually drink this lemonade!  In fact, it was lemon Jell-O in cups.  Muahahahaha!  My little girl tried so hard, she finally was able to start drinking it and managed to drink half of her Jell-O through her straw.  

Overall, it has been a most fun day!  The kids enjoyed the jokes and no one played one on me!  That is a sign of a successful April Fool's day for me.  I like it when I'm not the one getting pranked!

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