Monday, February 22, 2010

First Day Back

Yesterday was my first day back to church after being gone for 6 weeks. It wasn't my intention to be gone that long, but with snow storms and sicknesses, 6 weeks was the magic number.

It was so good to see everyone again. I missed worshiping with my church family. I also missed seeing the wonderful Cubbies that I have the pleasure of teaching. When I told the kids that I was glad to be back, but would be gone next Sunday, one child told me that I wasn't allowed to leave again. It warmed my heart to be missed too!

But today has just dragged along! Saturday can't seem to come fast enough. On Saturday, the kids and I are packing up the car and driving to Indianapolis. My husband has been blessed with a three-day pass with the stipulation that he remain in the state of Indiana. His three days are Sunday - Tuesday, but the kids and I are driving Saturday and Wednesday so that we get as much time with him as possible.

I know that when we are there the time will just fly by. But I'm hoping to make every minute count. We already have our hotel rooms booked (yes, 2 rooms), and I'm planning different things to do while we are there. If you have any family friendly suggestions on restaurants or things to do, please let me know!

Seth will be going to Afghanistan on March 8th. I don't know when I will see him again after I leave him on Tuesday night, but that is over a week away and I really want to focus on seeing him first. Oh, and I want to find out what's been sitting in a box on my kitchen counter for two weeks now. It's an anniversary present that he bought for me that I can't open until I am with him. We're going to celebrate our 10th anniversary early, so we've been buying each other gifts and having them shipped here since he can't receive packages where he is. But to have it here for two weeks and not let me have it? So not fair!

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