Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun Week

It's been a fun week out here in Pitt. It's also our last week here. I was planning on packing the kids up and driving home tomorrow night, but God's got other plans for us. There is a big snow storm hitting the east coast and it is supposed to start snowing in PA at the exact time I want to be on the road. So, I guess we're leaving on Sunday then.

In kid news, #2 and I had a date to Big Daddy's Donuts today. Donuts and hot chocolate were a great fix for us, that and a little one-on-one time. #3 got her first pair of glasses, you can read about it at The Benge Family blog.

Seth is doing well over in Indiana. His unit packs up tomorrow night and heads to Louisiana for most of February. At the end of February he'll go back to Indiana and get a 3 day leave and I'll be bringing the kids to meet up with him there. I'm looking forward to seeing him, as are the kids.

Time to put the little ones to bed. #3 is ready to pack her glasses into her Disney Princess Purse that is her case. Too cute!

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