Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 Weeks

It's January 18th and I thought I would give a mid-month update on my goals for the month.  Here were my goals for January:
  • Stay on track in my Bible reading
  • Rest and recover from surgery
  • Organize my closet and weed out all the clothes I don't wear or need
  • Quit Smoking
So far, I am doing great!  I am 2 weeks smoke free today.  I'm not 18 days smoke free, but as I said before, I was a bit stressed about my surgery.  As for my rest and recovery, I spent a whole week in bed with my family waiting on me hand and foot.  I spent the next week on a couch, doing very little.  I did venture out of the house yesterday for a few hours, still not lifting or moving anything heavy.  My mother told me I am not going to lift anything heavy for 2 weeks.  So she decided she's doing all my laundry during that time.  *Score!*

My closet is amazingly organized.  Seth has hung bars, shelves, hanging organizers, put in baskets and more.  Almost all of my clothes have been sorted (I had a lot of free time the last 2 weeks) and I have quite the donation pile.  I think my husband and I filled 4 huge trash bags full of clothes that we are going to donate to a local Rescue Mission.

As for my Bible reading, I've only missed 1 day.  But, I knew I would miss the day of my surgery.  I started the Bible from the beginning and today I'm reading in Joshua.  It's quite a bit of reading each day, but it has been wonderful.  I'm glad I've been able to stick to my goals so easily this month.  I hope that as I get back into doing more, I will be able to stick to my reading schedule. 

How are you doing on your goals?  Leave me a comment and let me know if you've been successful with your resolutions.


  1. Good job! I'm glad you are getting stronger and recovering well.

    I found your blog on Christian mommy bloggers email list. Nice to meet you!

  2. Way to keep those goals, girlie! I'm quite proud of you, and you inspire me!