Friday, March 6, 2009

15 Things

Today's Housewife would like to know about their readers. So I've complied this list of 15 items about me for you all to learn.

1. I'm claustrophobic.
2. I love to sing but I can't dance. I have no rhythm. I don't know how that works with singing because I need rhythm, but I can't make my body move.
3. My hubby and I ignored each other when we met. It took a mutual friend setting us up after she found out we had met for us to go out.
4. We were married 1 year and 5 days after our first date.
5. I hate needles and cringe every time I have to have one, but I try to give blood as often as I'm allowed because I'm O+ and CMV negative so the Red Cross calls me CONSTANTLY!
6. I love to fly, especially alone.
7. I love to bake and will spend all day baking if I could, but I dislike cooking meals.
8. I love to sing and act and do both in church, but I can't stand speaking in public. I get nervous and get the shakes and start to studder. It's not pretty. I don't get that way when acting, just when the speaking is actually coming from me.
9. The only time I went rollerblading I got hit by a car. I won't rollerblade now.
10. I prefer driving stick-shift cars.
11. I've lived in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Pennsylvania, California, Pennsylvania, California, Maryland, and I'm back in Pennsylvania.
12. I've lived in 15 different homes throughout those moves.
13. I have a small heart tattoo in a place that only my hubby can see. I want to get another tattoo but don't have the money for it and can't quite decide on the design.
14. I didn't think I'd like Twilight and just finished reading it and can't wait to read the rest of the books now.
15. I love Chemistry, especially Organic Chemistry. I'm not so hot with the math part and can't stand English and grammar even though I'm not terrible at it.


  1. I didn't think I'd like Twilight AT ALL!!! But, they are good books, aren't they???

  2. That's crazy that you were hit by a car--I wouldn't go rollerblading again either!!!

  3. I love to fly alone too, especially after all the experiences of traveling with kids. :) Thanks for sharing!