Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Need A Title

I need a title for my blog. I follow and read a lot of blogs, most of which have fun names. Elizabeth Benge just seems so blah. I did recently update my tag line which I like, but I need a real name.

So I'm hosting a name contest! Help me pick a name for my blog and you could win a prize. Leave me a comment with your name, email address and a suggested title for my blog and you will be entered to win this cute photo album.
This album holds 100 4x6 photos and is perfect for a wedding or anything else girly. The picture of my cute daughter is not included.
Once the contest is closed my hubby and I will go over the suggested titles and pick a winner. So please come up with creative & fun names for my blog. I will post the winning name and email the winner by Thursday, Feb 26th.

1 - Contest will be open until Tuesday, Feb 24th at midnight.
2 - You must leave a valid email address & suggested title for my blog.

Good luck and thanks for helping me pick a title!


  1. Your Blog name

    "Treasure Chest of a King's Daughter" or "Elizabeth's Treasure Chest"

    Only because you post wonderful little treasures that everyone shares.

  2. elizabeths castle because you're a queen

  3. I have nothing cute or clever to add, but I like Elizabeth's Treasure Chest!

  4. You could use the name Treasures from a DORK since you are a Daughter of the Risen King. LOL.