Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Calling All Moms!

My 4-year-old daughter threw up yesterday. Just once, then she was fine and back to playing like nothing happened. I wouldn't be too concerned if this were a one-time deal, but unfortunately it's not. My daughter does this every 2 months. That's right, every 2 months she has a good vomit, and then goes about her business. This has been happening since she was a baby.

My 4-year-old is allergic to shellfish. She had a reaction to something Saturday night that we're thinking was mayonnaise. (We had hot roast beef sandwiches and Amish macaroni salad for dinner. She ate the roast beef and 1 bite of the mac salad and broke out in hives.) Other than that she's not allergeric to anything else we know of. I've started keeping a food journal (only since Sunday) to see what she is eating. She doesn't have any other problems during the 2 month span other than the cold bugs being passed at preschool.

I've talked to the doctor about it and he said that since it is not more frequent, there is nothing that he is going to do about it. Just what a mom wants to hear. So I decided to call upon other moms for advice.

Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong with her? Have you experienced something like this? Someone suggested that she is building up something in her system that just needs to come out every 2 months, but I have no idea what it could be. So please put on your thinking caps and give me some ideas. Any thoughts you might have would help a bunch. Thanks!


  1. Could be a food allergy.
    Maybe instead of thinking about allergies, think about seeing a pediatric GI doc??? It could be a digestion issue rather than allergy. Or, it could be both.

  2. I don't think this is an allergy because there isn't one thing that we eat only every 2 months since she was born. I'm thinking more along the lines of GI. When she was an infant she wouldn't go #2 without the help of suppositories, then at about 9 months that passed and it became the vomit issue. And it may be totally unrelated but her soft spot didn't close until she was about 28 months old, well past the normal time. We were supposed to go to a pediatric endocrinologist, but the appointment fell through and we never had a chance to go back in.

  3. I've read that sometimes children with allergies have sensitive stomachs. This can cause reflux. I have acid reflux that is pretty much under control but I know that once a month or so I get really nauseous. I never throw up...I mean maybe 3 times in the past 10 years. My body just doesn't want to do it. But I get extremely nauseous.

    I would try a GI doctor because it could be stomach related and maybe a certain food or activity triggers it.

    I know at school Friday Madeline said they had fruit chews. Maybe the excess chewing or maybe she was unable to break down the gummy food good enough for her stomach....just thoughts.

    Also after she throws up does she get sleepy or disoriented? She could be getting migrain headaches without the actual head hurting. Just the other symptoms of it.