Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kid Friendly Food

Over at Today's Housewife the recipe for the weekend is kid friendly food. I had a hard time deciding what to do for this because my kids don't eat. They love cereal and PB&J, but not much else. But if I make some tomato soup, one thing they will eat is grilled cheese sandwiches. And my almost 8 year-old can make them himself. No stove required!

You need:
2 pieces of bread

Cook your bread in the toaster. Put a little butter on 1 side of each piece. Put the cheese on the buttered side of the bread and put the sandwich together. Cook in the microwave for about 30 seconds and you've got Grilled Cheese!


  1. I've done this, too!

    It is a good idea for kids so they don't have to use the stove.

  2. Yes, I would absolutely sub more oats for the coconut if you can't have it. It would make a difference in the flavor w/o the coconut but the texture would be much the same. It'd still be yummy.

    That's exactly what I'd do if I were out of coconut and wanted to make them.

    Why do I always post recipes w/ coconut, I wonder? I've actually had to throw some away that got too old so I know I don't use it all that much.