Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God is in Control

It's 11:28 pm on election night and I'm listening to John McCain give his concession speech. I'm sad, disappointed and concerned for the upcoming four years. I am proud of my country and the voter turn-out this election. It's exciting to see the first African-American elected to the office of president. But I am concerned over Obama's viewpoints and beliefs and how they will effect our country.

After I cried, (yes, I cried) I cried out to God to His sovereign control over all things. I pray that God can be in control of our leaders and our country. I pray that He will have mercy on our country. I pray that I can continue to be a light to others and that I will be free to continue to worship Him.

Please pray for God to be in control over the upcoming years.


  1. Good post! You know I am not one to become emotionally invested in these matters, so that's why I am not experiencing an emotional reaction to the results. What I appreciate about your post is that you freely recognize what you felt, yet manage to put what you felt aside to make reasonable statements. Sounds like something we learned in a book once, doesn't it? Anyway, a breath of fresh air in the midst of rampant Post-Election-Irrational-Disorder which seems to have seized most Americans, regardless of party affiliation.

    My only beef here is that you should have used "affect" instead of "effect." :-) Hmmm... good thing "Grammar Police Chief" is NOT an elected position. I just take it whenever I want to. Mwahahahahaha

  2. I've already spoken to Hefe's Chick, but to all reading this let me clarify something... It was midnight. I did in fact write affect and then change it to effect. I was tired and couldn't remember which one to use. Of coure now I'm kicking myself over my poor grammar! LOL!