Monday, October 6, 2008

A Great Birthday

Why do people stress about turning 30? I know I sure didn't. I had a great day. It started on Friday with a gift from my friend in Pittsburgh, lots of cards arrived in the mail, and my hubby brought home Iron Man on DVD and we watched it together Friday night.

On Saturday I woke up and my hubby made French Toast and the kids gave me some really cute cards! When I get them scanned I'll post them over at The Benge Family blog. My hubby gave me a new GPS for my birthday and bought me a new cook book when we went to the bookstore Saturday evening. He also took me to have a 1 hour massage which was amazing. A beautiful floral arrangement arrived from my Mom and Dad and with the birthday money they sent Seth & I we bought new curtains for the first floor. (I'm sorry, I mean window treatments! lol) Seth and the kids took me out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse and we finished my birthday on Sunday with a trip to Baskin Robbins. Overall, I had a great birthday.

So what's next for me? After I complete a 3 year growth chart of the Sunday school department at my church, I get the fun job of stripping all the wallpaper in my front room. It's pretty wallpaper, but it's old, has holes in places and has some coloring marks (from previous owner's kids) that we can't get off. So we're taking it down and painting and rearranging the entire first floor. Seth is going to build a fireplace and some book shelves to flank it and they will cover one entire wall. The colors are going to be green and red, not the Christmas green and red colors. Although, the red we chose is called poinsettia, but the green is more of a sage color. I'll post pictures of my progress when I have a chance.

So wish me luck, I really dislike stripping wallpaper. But I know that when I'm finished, the room is going to be beautiful!

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