Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sad Summer

Summer should be a happy, fun time. Well, it has been both of those for me. We've spent a week with my parents, had my step-daughter here for 6 weeks, gone to the Baltimore Aquarium, Orioles games, minature golfing, VBS, gone swimming and more. It has been a fun summer.

With all that fun it has also been a sad summer for me. I've said goodbye to my best friend who moved, goodbye to my parents when they went back home, goodbye to directing VBS, goodbye repeatedly to my hubby every time he goes away this year, and this morning I said goodbye to kid #1. She left this morning to go back home and we probably won't see her again until next summer.

It's hard being across the country from her. I know it was the right decision to move to PA. She is in good hands with her Mom and she has friends where she is at. I would love to have her here more but it's just not probable. But I hope she has had a great time with us this summer and I hope we get to see her soon.

So today I'll focus on #2 and #3 and help them deal with waking up with #1 already gone. We will walk to the ice cream shop down the street, play some games, read books together and spend some time with Daddy before he gets ready to go back to Kentucky in just over a week. We are looking forward to the street fair in town this weekend and having our friends over for dinner on Saturday.

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