Friday, November 11, 2011


Do you use Pinterest?  I absolutely love it!  I haven't been on there long but I have gotten so many great ideas from that site.  Pinterest is a place where you can make virtual pin boards and collect pictures that link back to blog posts.  For me it's a cook book, a kids hair idea place, decorating tips, and a place to keep things that make me laugh and smile.

All the wonderful ideas for food is what keeps me going back.  Today I made these cute pilgrim hats.  I found the idea on Pinterest and it took me a whopping 15 minutes to make 40.  I did have my little lady helping me unwrap all the PB cups so my time was shortened.  1 package of chocolate wafer cookies, 1 package of PB cup miniatures and some orange frosting, that's all these are.

I've also tried the Bacon & Egg Toast Cups which were a breeze to make!  Now when my hubby has to get up really early (before 5:30), I make these the night before and all he has to do is pop them in the microwave and he's got a full breakfast.  

But the best recipe I have found so far is the Man Cookies.  I blogged about them a few weeks ago.  They were so good.  I would never have thought of adding bacon to cookies, but I've already heard from a few soldiers in my husband's troop that I need to make them some more.  But the next time I make them, I need to have enough to go around.  I can deal with that!

If you're not on Pinterest I recommend you try it out.  To get an account you need to sign up and wait for them to add you, or you can find someone to send you an invite.  You can message me if you need one, and once you're there, don't forget to look me up.  

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  1. We made those pilgrim hat cookies last year! They are right up my alley because they are easy! The kids liked making them too! I love Pinterest too! :)