Friday, September 4, 2009

Time Goes By

Well, time just keeps moving on and on and on... My hubby turned another year older on Monday, my step-daughter started her junior year in high school, my son started 3rd grade on Tuesday and my youngest daughter started kindergarten. Man I feel old. (I'm turning 31 in exactly 1 month.)

With my youngest starting school this week all the thoughts of idadequacy swamped me. Have I been a good mother? Was the time I spent with my kids before school began quality time? Would they remember their early years as good times? I can't answer those questions except to say that I love them and I tried my best. I've trained them and will continue to train them to make the right choices, to follow God's word and to love others and love God. I continue to pray for my family and myself as wife and mother.

So I'll go cook dinner tonight, make sure they eat their vegetables and complete all their school work. I'll read to them from the Bible and continue to teach them about God. I'll listen to my husband, be a support to him and pray for him. I'll do this job as God has seen fit to call me and just keep moving along as time goes by.

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  1. It sounds like you're doing an awesome job with them! You're teaching them the most important things!