Monday, July 6, 2009

We Moved In!

We actually did it. We moved into our front room! Well, I should say "back into" since we've only been out of it for just over 8 months. But that doesn't spoil my excitement at moving back into our new room. In fact, I'm sitting here on my laptop, on my couch, in my front room! Some how, my couch even feels more comfortable in here. I know that's not possible, maybe it's just the relief to not be crammed into one little room. I can breathe!

So here's the good part for you! I've got pictures! Here's the cause behind this madness. Take a look at our new curtains!

Aren't they beautiful! They are a gold and cream color which ties in the sand color of the ceiling and the percale of the trim (not in yet).

The above 2 pictures are a before and after shot. Mind you, the first is in daylight and the other is evening, but I wanted you to get a basic idea. This will be the sitting room, but for a little while it will serve as our dining room as well. I'll explain that at the bottom in another picture. Obviously we need to reupholster our wing back chairs. They looked good with the peach flowers in the wallpaper, but they don't look so good with the red paint.

Here are the before and after photos of the family room side of the front room. A few big things on this side: #1 - the doorway to the kitchen was moved to the left by about 3 feet. It now lines up with the basement stairs which will make getting things up and down the steps easier. #2 - We added a fireplace. It may be just an electric one, but it doesn't look cheesy at all. There will also be built-in bookshelves that will flank the fireplace. We are still deciding on tile that will go around the fireplace, but until we pick them, the primer is still showing. #3 - That tv isn't staying in this room. As soon as all the tools in the basement are picked up and the basement given a good cleaning, that tv is moving down there to make our media room. We have a flat screen in our bedroom that will go on the wall where that big tv is in the picture. There is a hole in the wall behind that tv so all the cables will be hidden. There is also a hole above the fireplace so if we ever want to put the tv up there, the cables can be hidden as well. Additionally we think we need a new couch cover or better yet a new couch for in here.

So here's the explanation on the dining room table. The above picture was taken where the french doors are. The floor on the left is the newly refinished floor, the floor on the right is what the floor looked like previously and what the floor looks like in our dining room. Once we opened the french doors and saw this, we decided immediately to refinish the other floor while we still have the sander. Once that floor is finished we will move the dining room table into that room and the we will have our formal sitting room.
I hope you like the pictures of the renovation, I sure like sitting here on my comfy couch!


  1. Your new living room looks great. Fortunately we got to see it so this is just a refresher and it's beautiful. Glad that we got to spend some time with you and the kids while we were in PA in June. Love you all, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. It looks great! Glad you are able to enjoy your room once more!