Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fighting on the Right Level

I'm getting ready to go on a Walk to Emmaus weekend at the end of this month. The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal weekend. I've seen several members of my church attend already and have watched them come back on fire for Christ. I'm completely excited about it.

With that excitement I am also feeling overwhelmed right now. Not about the weekend but about everything else. My daughter is wetting herself again, my son doesn't want to do his school work. Neither one of the kids seem to be obedient at all lately and have been talking back. I'm having issues with people that I shouldn't be having issues with. I miss my husband and am taking care of everything at home.

I feel like everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong right now. I feel like around every corner something is attacking me. But then I spoke with someone the other night who went on an Emmaus Walk last year. He said I would be under attack over the next 2 months because Satan doesn't want me to go to Emmaus and doesn't want me to glorify God afterwards. I stewed on that thought for a couple of days and realized he was right.

Everything that I'm dealing with I'm able to fight. Not with my fists but on my knees. Since I have realized all this I have an amazing sense of peace that only God could provide. I pray that I can keep God at the head of my actions and thoughts especially over the next 2 months. That I may have the strength to continue to take care of my house, teach my son's school, potty train my daughter and not lose my temper. Please keep me in your prayers as well.

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